SAL Officials Clinic’s

Each home meet needs a starter and stroke and turn judges from our team.

Each away meet requires a stroke and turn judge from our team.

We are grateful to the parents who already fill these positions so well and are in need of more! Please consider coming to our training session, it will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Officials must attend every two years in order to have your certification with the league up to date.  This does not apply if you are PIAA, YMCA  or US Certified.  If you are PIAA, YMCA or US Certified, please submit those certifications to Andrew Kleppinger so that they have them on file.   This information can also be found on the SAL website under Meet information. 

Diving mock meet at CBST Oct 15,2023


Stroke & Turn, Starter, Ref and Diving Clinic Schedule



Day Date Host Time Notes
Monday October 16, 2023 SOUD 7:00pm Stroke and Turn, Starter
Sunday Oct  15,2023 CBST 1-4pm Mock Diving Meet
Saturday Oct 21, 2023 SOUD 8 am  Time trials, Stroke & Turn Shadow.